3 Guidelines To Follow That Will Help Keep Your Business Dumpster Free Of Pests

If you use a dumpster for your business, and you've experienced pest problems in the past, you can take care of the pest problem by following the three guidelines below. 

#1 Keep All Trash Bagged And Secure 

The first thing you need to do is watch how you put trash into your dumpster. You should not put loose food into your dumpster. Loose food is easier for pests to access and lets off more odors. Make sure that any food waste that you throw away is secure inside of a tied trash bag. 

When you put the trash inside of your trash bin, do not just throw the trash into the dumpster. When you throw it in, you increase the risk that the trash bag will rip and food and other waste will pour out of the bag. Instead, by intentionally and gently placing the trash bags into your dumpster, you reduce the chance of the bag opening up on accident. 

#2 Have Someone Assigned To Check Your Dumpster On A Daily Basis

The second thing you should do is assign a specific employ to check your dumpster at least twice a day. When they check your dumpster, they should sweep up and take care of any trash that didn't make it inside of the dumpster. Leaving food and trash outside of your dumpster will just advertise your trash to the neighborhood pests, which is why you need to keep everything nice and clean. 

You should also have your assigned employees check and make sure that the lid to your dumpster is closed and secure. This will also help keep pests at bay. If you can't close your lid, you may need to upgrade to a larger dumpster. 

#3 Wash Your Dumpster After It Is Emptied

The third thing you need to do is wash your dumpster every time time it is emptied. This will help keep the odor that your dumpster gives off down to a minimum. 

After your dumpster is emptied, take out the drain plug and use a high pressure washer along with a degreasing solution to clean out your dumpster. Ideally, your dumpster should be located on a slope near a sanitary sewer drain so that the water has someone to run off to when you wash it. 

Once your dumpster is cleaned, put the plug back into place. You don't want liquids pouring out dumpster when you are not cleaning it; that could attract pests as well. 

By taking the three steps above, you can help reduce the chance that pests will take up residents inside of your dumpsters. The key is to keep your dumpster as clean as possible, so that it does not attract pests. Talk to your dumpster rental provider for more help.