Ask Yourself These Placement-Related Questions When You Rent A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster is the ultimate way to get rid of waste in your home or yard quickly and easily. Instead of loading your personal vehicle with messy waste and carting it off to your local dump, you can simply load up the dumpster and have it removed by a waste management expert when the right time comes. Roll off dumpster rental is available for short- and long-term, and while the location of the bin is always important, it's especially crucial if it's going to be sitting on your property for weeks or even multiple months. Here are some valuable questions to ask yourself before the waste management truck arrives to deliver the dumpster.

Does The Dumpster's Placement Break Any Homeowners' Association Rules?

If you and your home belong to a homeowners' association, there are typically a number of different rules that you must follow regarding the appearance of your property. It's worthwhile to check with your association representative to see if there are any regulations concerning dumpster placement; you might need to obtain a written note of permission from the association to keep the dumpster in your driveway for the entirety of your project.

Will The Dumpster Pose A Visibility Issue?

If you have a wide driveway, you might think about having the dumpster placed toward the end of the driveway, but this isn't always the best choice. Think about any visibility challenges that the dumpster might pose. For example, check if you think it would impede your ability to see oncoming cars or pedestrians when backing out of your driveway or potentially cause the same complication for your neighbors.

Could The Dumpster Damage What's Below It?

Given the weight of the receptacle, especially when full, many people opt to have their dumpsters delivered to their driveways instead of their lawn. If the lawn is a better choice for you, you must realize that it could kill the grass beneath it, as well as sink into the dirt and leave indentations that must be filled. If you opt for the driveway, you might wish to ask the dumpster rental service to provide wood on which to set the dumpster to avoid any potential for driveway damage.

Are There Any Overhead Obstacles?

You don't want anything impeding access to the dumpster from above. Not only will you be throwing items over the edge of the bin, but the rental company will need to unload and load the dumpster with the truck. As such, it's best to avoid placing the dumpster close to a tree -- if this is the only option, it's worth thinking about trimming some of the tree's branches that could pose an obstruction.