Options For Home Water Purification

When you're looking for a reasonable home water filtration system, how do you go about weeding through the options and choosing the right filter? It can help to know your top concerns and go from there, whether you're most interested in startup costs, ease of use, or thoroughness. Here are some top picks based on these criteria.

For Low Startup Costs: Standalone Water Pitchers

Water pitchers are a good introductory option if you're not sure how much you want to invest in your water filtration system. There's nothing to install; you simply need a pitcher and a set of interchangeable filters. Most of these systems use Granulated Activated Charcoal as their active ingredient. Extra particles in the water attach to the molecules in the filter as it runs through the system. The main drawback of these filters is that they won't remove the heaviest of particles and they are not a solution for pathogens in the water.

For Simplicity: Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis works by forcing the water through a membrane that filters out larger particles. It's effective for a lot of heavy metals and minerals along with some pathogens. You can make it even more user-friendly by attaching it to a tank that automatically fills up with a reserve of filtered water.

For Thoroughness: Multi-Stage Filter

Multi-stage filters come in many shapes and sizes, and they are engineered to remove a wide variety of particles. For instance, there may be a UV light component that targets living pathogens in the water. On top of that, you may see physical separation methods to remove floating particles and sediment in the water. Chemical treatment options may be another part of a multi-stage filter.

This type of filter is great if your local water supply has a number of problems with taste and quality. These systems can be a little more involved to install and use, however, since there are many moving components to keep up and running.

Choosing the right water softening system can be understandably tough-- there are many different processes to understand and choose from. It can be helpful to sit down with an installation technician from a company like Aspen Waterwise, Ltd to go over the problems that you're worried about with your local tap water and choose a method that will address them best. By finding the right water filtration method to match your individual needs, you can make it much easier to get your desired water quality outcome.