4 Accessories To Include In Your Luxury Portable Restroom When Hosting A Beach Wedding

If you have always wanted to tie the knot by the beach, nothing can stop you from enjoying your special day. To ensure that it's a good experience for others as well, your guests can benefit from the convenience of having a restroom in your preferred venue on the beach. You can order enough luxury portable restrooms and relevant accessories to enhance your experience. However, before placing an order for your portable toilets, consider relevant accessories your guests might need in the portable restrooms. This piece will provide a few ideas you could incorporate when renting luxury portable restrooms.

1. Containment Pan

Fluids may leak through the bottom of the restroom's floor when in use, which can create a mess outside. Many providers recommend attaching a containment pan to every porta-potty you order for the event. The tray prevents fluid run-off making your event venue clean and safe from potential health hazards. You can ask your luxury restroom rental provider about the containment tray or other preventive measures they have in place.

2. Hand Sanitizer Stations

You can request portable hand wash or sanitizer stations to accompany the portable restrooms. The rental company will provide water tanks for the fresh water and wastewater and install proper plumbing channels if you choose hand wash stations. You might also need to provide paper towels and a sink.

Generally, hand sanitizer stations are easy to install and remove because they don't need collection water tanks. You can also forgo paper towels, making the option cost-effective. Both choices are effective as they ensure sanitation and efficiency.

3. Air Freshener, Conditioner, and Heater

Requesting air conditioners and heaters could make your portable restrooms more comfortable. Despite the weather outside, you can keep your guests comfortable and happy by providing portable restrooms with air conditioning.

Some restrooms have automatic thermostats to shut off the conditioner or heater when no guest is using the facility. Getting an automatic freshener can also improve the user experience by eliminating any unpleasant odors in and out of the facility.

4. Handicap Accessible Units

When ordering portable restroom rentals for the wedding, consider requesting at least one handicap-friendly luxury portable restroom. The handicap-accessible portable restrooms often have commodes to help support the user. It also has a low seat to ensure easy accessibility and enough space to accommodate easy wheelchair navigation.

You can make your beach wedding a dream come true by getting restroom rentals with relevant amenities to make your guests comfortable. Consider the above accessories and ask a rental company—such as Burnley's Portable Toilets,LLC—to provide them to take the experience a notch higher.