5 Tips For Planning A Backyard Wedding

If you are getting married and are having the wedding in your backyard, it is a great way to save money. Below are some ideas to help you plan your wedding so you can make it a special day for you and your spouse and everyone else that is involved. Plan It The first thing you have to do is to plan where you are having the wedding in the backyard.

How To Correctly Store Your Pressure Washer During The Winter Months

If you have a pressure washer that you will not be using during the winter months, you need to make sure that you store it properly. Here is what you need to do with the different parts of your pressure washer in order to ensure that your pressure washer winterizes well.     Use Non-Toxic Antifreeze To Prevent Freezing Use a garden hose to put non-toxic automotive antifreeze inside of your pressure washer pump.

3 Guidelines To Follow That Will Help Keep Your Business Dumpster Free Of Pests

If you use a dumpster for your business, and you've experienced pest problems in the past, you can take care of the pest problem by following the three guidelines below.  #1 Keep All Trash Bagged And Secure  The first thing you need to do is watch how you put trash into your dumpster. You should not put loose food into your dumpster. Loose food is easier for pests to access and lets off more odors.

Tips For Cleaning Up An Inherited House Of Clutter

For most people, inheriting a piece of property from a distant relative is great news because it could be sold for a great amount of cash or maybe it could be rented out for making a long-term profit. However, what happens when you visit the home you inherited only to find mountains of clutter and trash? If you were unaware that a distant relative was a hoarder, you may find yourself in a serious dilemma because now that it's your property, you are the responsible for cleaning it up.